Did you ever cry in front of your computer?
If you do, share your tears.

Please send us webcam tears VIDEOS ONLY! I won’t accept pictures anymore.

Computers became the witness/spectators of our lives. We eat in front of them and we fall asleep next to them. We talk through them, we dance, we laugh and we masturbate in front of them. But we also cry in front of them.

In a time where showing genitals on the internet is not shocking anymore, tears are a new form of pornography.

Webcam tears is a project depicting contemporary sadness in an voyeuristic internet era through the medium of the webcam.

Webcam Tears is a project about internet exhibitionism and loneliness in an time where your best friend is your screen.

Webcam Tears is an emotional porn channel.

Webcam Tears is a project inspired by artist Laurel Nakadate , who recorded her sadness for a year in a project entitled 365 days: a catalogue of tears.

Webcam Tears is a collaborative project initiated by Dora Moutot.

Webcam Tears is looking for people willing to share their tears for this art project.